Chicken Run!

Well, the chickens are lots bigger this morning!  They have been cleaned and fed and enjoyed some exercise too…..we made them a chicken run out of boxes and they loved it!  They were racing up and down and then they kept flapping and escaping over the edges!  Oh dear, it was so funny.  Our youngest is good at catching them and putting them back in the run.

After their big playtime, they snuggled back in their clean brooder box, under the heatlamp for a little snooze.  Tired chickkies.

They are really looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow at school, and having fun in Reception!  I hope they have been practising their Kinetic Letters…..

More later!

Mrs Staff 🙂

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Chick TV


Well, the chicks are like watching a live TV show, they are always up to something!  I am sure they have grown a little today, I think you will be all surprised when you see how big they are on Monday.  They are getting very loud, too!

I have cleaned out their box today, and Mr Staff is going to help our daughter make them a little run tomorrow, so please check back and you can see how they like it when it’s finished 🙂

From Mrs Staff

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Chick Hotel

Hi Everyone!

It’s Mrs Staff!  The chicks are staying at our house for the weekend!   They had a lovely sleep, but they are being kept very busy now with lots of cuddles from my youngest little girl.  We will clean them out later as they have made a mess in their little box, there are wood shavings everywhere 🙂

More later….

Mrs Staff


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Library time

This week we read the story Superbat at the library. Superbat is finding out what his super power is- it turns out it is courage! What is your super power?

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Our new arrivals

We have had a super exciting day in Owl Class as our eggs have hatched and we now have 10 chicks! We have been using different adjectives to describe them, talking about what they need and drawing pictures of them. Tomorrow we are moving them into a brooding box.

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End of term four…

As I come to the end of my time at Headlands I would like to say a massive thank you to every child and parent who I have had the privilege to work with over the last five years. You have all been amazing. It is an amazing school and your children are lucky to have some of the most dedicated teachers that I have ever met. Headlands will always have a very special place in my heart.

Words cannot express how proud I feel of each and every one of this year’s Owls, it has been an absolute pleasure to be their teacher. They are confident, happy children and they are all superstars, I will really miss them all. Although I will be around for the first two weeks after Easter, I will be handing over Class responsibility to Mrs Staff and Mrs Steventon and therefore they will manage the class blog and ILD.

For my holiday blog, I’d like to get lots of photos of us all reading (there’s a surprise😉) Add a photo to the Padlet to show what and where you are reading.

Made with Padlet

We had a lovely end to term. The children decorated Easter biscuits, ate Easter jellies completed Easter activities and listened to music carefully selected by Felix.


Happy holidays everyone 😀

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100% Punctual Attendance 

A big well done to Jenson and Vilte, they were awarded a certificate in the achievement assembly for 100% punctual attendance. 

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Wednesday madness

Don’t forget it’s onesie Wednesday tomorrow in support of autism awareness.

In the evening it’s the school disco.

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Our favourite books

This week’s book is, Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book. We loved sharing the story and then we painted pictures of our favourite books. Great work Owls.

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Home Learning

Salma brought in her home learning, what a brilliant dragon you made.

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