Sticker Chart Success

Jacob, Molly, Jacob and Savannah were the first Owls to complete their sticker charts and go on stage in Friday’s assembly to be awarded their certificates. Lots of children are almost there now but don’t worry if your child hasn’t been on stage yet, the children have to work hard to earn a sticker and this means they are really valued when they do. Well done Owls, keep up the hard work.

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Another Busy Week

As always it’s been a busy week in Owl class. We’ve had a visit from the school nurse to weigh and measure the children, flu nasal sprays and we’ve started learning the songs for our Nativity. In between we’ve been working really hard in phonics, finding out about sharks and learning to match numerals to different quantities. Prosperlyn loved the small word underwater scene.


For your home learning, can you count out the correct number of objects to match the number on your front door? (Or someone you know if your number is too big)

Have a lovely weekend Owls 😀

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Mathematician of The Week 

Kayden has been working really hard in Maths this week. He has been counting large quantities of objects and matching Numicon and numerals. Well done Kayden, what a clever boy!

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🌟 Star of The Week 🌟

Zara has had a brilliant week and we are all really proud of how hard she is working, well done Zara.

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Children in Need 2017 

Reception has been awash with very excited children today, I think they enjoyed dressing in spots. Yesterday groups of children made Pudsey biscuits ready for everyone to ice today and they looked great when they were finished, they tasted good too!

The children listened carefully when we talked about why we support the charity Children in Need and thought carefully about how they can help the children in our class by being a good friend. Can you remember what makes a good friend?

Then they completed lots of activities linked to Pudsey. They used their cutting skills to make Pudsey ears, used bingo dabblers to add the correct number of spots to Pudsey, used palydough to make a Pudsey bear and practiced our pencil grip while we coloured pictures of Pudsey and Blush. They really enjoyed the cakes they bought from the cake sale. It was a fun day, well done Owls and thank you parents for all your support, especially with the delicious cakes you made.

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Pencil Hold 

This week in Owl class we have been learning to hold our pencils correctly. As promised here is a video showing you the correct grip.

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Bob’s Adventures 

Felix was really excited to share Bob’s diary and tell all his friends about the fun they had at the weekend.

Thank you for looking after Bob so well Felix, it looks like you had a great weekend.

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Home Learning

Alfie proudly shared his photo in school today. Alfie was awarded a trophy for all his hard work at Rugby, well done Alfie 😀

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Another fantastic week in Owl class

We’ve had a great week in Owl class, with some amazing learning! The children are all working so hard and are beginning to take control and lead their own learning, which is brilliant. A highlight this week has definitely been hearing their amazing questions, this is a skill Reception aged children always struggle with so I couldn’t have been more impressed.

In maths this week we have spent more time practising our counting but this week we have focused on 1-1 counting and understanding how many we have altogether. Can you upload a video to ILD showing how you can count a group of objects and we will share them Monday.

We’ve also spent lots of time learning to hold our pencil properly, watch out for the video coming this weekend! Have a great weekend Owls and see you Monday 😀

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The children were superstars yesterday. During the week every child had made a poppy to use in a display in the hall.


In class we watched a CBeebies video all about Remembrance Day and then we joined in with a two minute silence with the rest of school in the hall. Mrs Rayner played The Last Post and the children demonstrated enormous respect. Well done Owls.

This is the video we watched, here’s a story you can listen to too.

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