Explorers Day

Our Explorers Day was amazing! We met Baby Jake and Rosie the dinosaurs. They were very well behaved with us but kept trying to bite the teachers!! We were really brave and gave them a stroke. Later we explored different types of dinosaurs and fossils.

Well done Owls- you were fabulous!

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Super Star Readers

Congratulations to all our super star readers who have read at home every night this week from Monday to Thursday.

Remember to write in your children’s reading record when you read at home- this could be sharing stories together, reading their phonics books, looking at a recipe or ingredients list, reading signposts out and about. We love to hear about how they are getting on at home and encouraging them to use their reading skills in different situations helps them to see the purpose behind all their hard work in phonics. IMG_0237


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Dinosaur Dig


Our salt dough dinosaur bones are now in our role play area ready to be explored! The children have been busy looking out for any sightings of dinosaurs, talking about the different names and acting out stories together.

We read the story ‘If the dinosaurs came back’ by Bernard Most and have started an art project. In the story the dinosaurs can carry people to different places, help put out fires, build skyscrapers and rescue kites stuck in trees.  Can you all have a think about what you would get a dinosaur to do if you had one?

Can you find out any facts about dinosaurs over the weekend? Have fun!

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Star of the Week

Jenson is our Star of the Week in Owls class next week. He has been working hard in all areas of learning and has been kind and helpful to others. Great work Jenson!


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Dinosaur bones

The children have been really interested in the different dinosaurs and looking at their skeletons.

Today we worked together to make salt dough, taking it in turns to stir the mix. It got a little bit messy with all that flour!

We used the dough to make different bone shapes. They are in Mrs Steventon’s oven at the moment and we will see how they have changed tomorrow.

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Sparkling Start

This term in Reception we are learning all about dinosaurs!

We made a discovery on our first day back when we found 3 strange looking eggs in the classroom and some huge footprints! The eggs haven’t hatched yet but some of us have noticed little cracks and holes so we’re watching carefully.

Watch this space Owls!

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This week in Reception we are learning about halving which creates 2 equal groups or objects the same. We have cut fruit in half at snack time, found half of a number by sharing between the halves of a pizza or 2 juggling clowns and today we helped the Gruffalo solve some halving problems.

Can you find a way to practise finding half at home over the weekend? Can you split your fish fingers or peas into 2 equal groups? Could you do some chopping? Please upload any home learning you do onto ILD for us all to see.

Mrs Steventon

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Hello Class 1!

Hope you had a fun few days with Mrs Steventon – I loved the photos of you doing your doubling!   I hope you had a good weekend and played in the sunshine and feel ready for another week of learning.

I remembered to water my sunflower and lavender plants at the weekend,  and I am sure your bean plants will be very thirsty tomorrow so we need to remember to water them, too.

Hope you get lots of sleep tonight and I look forward to seeing you in the morning to hear about your weekends and get started with another busy week at school 🙂

Mrs Staff



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Star of the Week

Callum is our Star of the Week! He is always looking after other children and works so hard in all of his lessons. We are very proud of you!

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Mathematician of the Week

Congratulations Buddy! Great work in doubling this week and it was lovely to see you helping others too.

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